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Day Tour

Game Of Thrones
Set Jet Tour

Duration 8 hours

Little did HBO realise back in April 2009, that their decision to start filming the series, Game of Thrones, at the Paint Hall Belfast, would lead to such a global sensation. Game of Thrones is undoubtedly one of the most successful television series of all time.

KUDOS have devised a day tour for all you Thronies to enjoy the sites where some of the series most memorable scenes were filmed.

The tour, which brings us along the picturesque Antrim Coast Road, will operate on a private basis and therefore you will be with your family / friends and those whom you wish to be with. We will start at a time of your choosing and encompass the following film sites.


  • The Ice Wall (Throughout most series)
  • Braavos – Canal (Season 8)
  • A cove in the Stormlands (Season 2)
  • Larrybane (Several GOT Scenes)
  • Ballintoy Harbour (Several GOT Scenes - Pykes Harbour)
  • Dunluce Castle - Castle Greyjoy (Several scenes through the series)
  • The Dark Hedges (The Kings Road – Series 2)
  • Titanic Studios
Game Of Thrones Tour
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