Kudos executive transfers and transport Belfast.


Established in 2003 by husband and wife team Fergus & Mairead Boyle, Kudos is now recognised throughout Ireland as a quality supplier of high-end vehicles for small groups.

KUDOS commenced business in May 2003.

Fergus & Mairead Boyle started the company with our first vehicle being a six-year-old LDV 16 seat minibus.

Initially, KUDOS operated in the same field as most other operators providing a home to school transport, after-school clubs, nightclubs etc.

In 2010 Fergus had grown the business to eight vehicles ranging in size from 16 seats to 57 seats, but still doing the same type of work.

At this time KUDOS took a significantly different direction where it was decided that we would leap of faith in ourselves and decided to invest heavily in new vehicles. But we consciously chose to limit our seating capacity to 16 seats, with our vehicle of choice being Mercedes Sprinters.

We decided to break away from the relative security of school contracts to concentrate on the Corporate / VIP and Hospitality markets.

Thankfully things have worked out well for KUDOS to such a degree that we are recognised throughout Ireland as a quality supplier of high-end vehicles for small groups. Combined with excellent drivers, we feel we have found the perfect combination, that works for us, and we look forward to continuing investing in both our vehicles and drivers to retain our customer base while attracting new customers.

Fergus T Boyle

Fergus has almost three decades experience in passenger transport and started his own business, along with his wife Mairead, in 2003. Having worked for a number of global operating companies, which included a number of years in Saudi Arabia, Fergus decided he wanted to start his own business and in 2003 Kudos Executive Transfer Ltd was incorporated. In the past, Fergus enjoyed many sports but was particularly keen on Karate, Cycling and Golf.

However, as time has progressed Fergus enjoys walking their dog, bedroom slippers and hot chocolate.

Fergus T Boyle
Mairead M Boyle

Mairead, the long suffering wife of Fergus, is the backbone of the company.  Mairead brings to the company vast Marketing experience having gained her Marketing Degree in Pittsburgh and worked for several companies in Dublin before meeting the man of her dreams……… then along came Fergus and ruined the whole thing.

Mairead M Boyle
Kudos executive transfers and transport Belfast.


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